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An interesting new site has been launched by the people behind ghacks and freewaregenius (and Rarst which I did not know about before).

It's called and it seems to be some combination of software update listing site, with extra links to blog writeups of the updated software, and quick download/twitter/email links.

So in other words, when certain programs are updated, they get listed at the top of Appnews, along with links to relative blog entries on ghacks, freewaregenius, rarst, or other sites(?).  I think that's the basic idea.

The display theme leaves a bit to be desired if you ask me (i like a little color in my news), but they are just getting started.  Definitely something to keep an eye on.

Hej all,

it's a joint project that was first supposed to become a feed only but we decided to create a website based on that. It basically offers a feed that gets updated whenever a software that has been reviewed at one of the sites gets updated. Most of it is automated but some has to be done by hand, for example adding new applications to the list. Rarst did all of the coding and stuff and we (that's Samer of Freewaregenius and me) did help shape the functionality and such.

It is a service to our readers that get the benefit of being informed when a good software has been updated with the option to read up on it at one of our sites. It's currently not clear where we go from here. Possibilities are to include more blogs and an archive among other possibilities. What we need right now is user input. If you got anything to add let us know. Good things, bad things, we like to listen :) And if you have any questions let us know as well.

thanks again for the opportunity Mouser and everyone at Donation Coder :P

So, it is something like FileHippo with companion reviews?

Lashiec well it concentrates on software that we have reviewed which is basically all good freeware of this world (j/k). But yes, in essence it is freeware updates with links to additional information.

Nice. A site such this is always welcomed considering how the big sites are reviewing software nowadays.


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