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30 PC Games to Play Before You Die

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I'd rather die than play some of those ;)

I'm with you!  I've played more than a couple, but they missed several IMO, and some of the ones they put on there are just plain puzzling.
-wraith808 (April 30, 2009, 03:59 PM)
--- End quote ---

Indeed. Mirror's Edge, Postal 2 (WTH!)... you're not missing anything if you do not play those two.

Bottom line: Top xy lists are great to create controversy and thus drive traffic while everyone discusses their own best lists and name call the author. Perhaps some day they'll stop doing that and accept those kind of lists can never compile all the cool games everyone and their dog should play.

That said, Joe Martin, the article writer, has been discussing at certain length all the games he has, and why he likes them or not. That makes for a more interesting read than a quick mention of a game bullet points IMO.

Postal 2 might not be very innovative or anything, but darn did I have great fun playing it - it's right up there with Doom and Duke Nukem 3D :) (probably mostly because it's extremely sick humor :))

No one ever agrees on top lists as it mostly comes down to personal likes and dislikes. I'd probably include a few of the games mentioned in my toplist but there are way to many games that will probably not make it into the toplists of the majority. Then some games are missing that are universally considered to be legendary, i.e. Warcraft 2 (or 3), Starcraft, Day of The Tentacle, Monkey Island, Kotor, Dark Forces II and so on ;)

And I really hate sites that divide their articles into little snippets to increase their pageviews.

ghacks: they did mention that they tried not to include LucasArts games, though, because they felt they'd have to include them all :P - so that takes care of DOTT, MI, ZakMcKracken, et cetera. I do agree that it's a thing that's hard to agree on, and it comes down to what you had your great hours with. And yup, tiny little subpages like that suck bigtime.


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