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Looking for a text editor that can colorize text

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I guess today is my wanting day. :) I am looking for a general purpose text editor that relies mostly on coloring text to improve readability and usability. I will be using for browsing text or code. What I am looking for is not code highlighting though(might be part of he deal ). I want this editor to be able to recognize indents, tabs, groups, occuring sentences, words, grammar rules etc and color them either randomly or based on predefined rules. For example one paragraph could be orange the next one would be dark blue etc.

Once I improve my coding I will write one myself but I need one right now :)

It goes against the grain for me to say this, seeing I've been fulminating against word processors elsewhere on DC - but would you be better off with a simple word processor that does RTF?  Maybe Jarte or Polyedit?  Otherwise, EmEditor can colourise strings.  However, I don't know anything that will do exactly what you seem to want.

rjbull, why do you think colorizing can be done only by word processors? Most of the text editors offer code highlighting, this I assume means these apps can colorize any text, they just need little different coloring rules to eachieve what I am looking for. I was just looking for a a new way to create structrured relationships inside any text block basically.

Btw based on features listed on those pages I do not think any of these can do what I am looking for. I am not looking for colorizing a selection(having it would be nice) but really I would not spend money just to colorize some selection.

Btw Emeditor offers quite a bit of features, it sounds pretty cool.

I think I saw once an application which could help you (partially at least). It was text editor (of course) with the possiblity to use diffrerent syntax highlight schemes for different parts of the text. It was possible to have i.e. first 10 lines coloured as HTML and other 20 as C++. With such functionality and own schemes it could be helpful.

I will try to recall its name but my memory has few holes ;)

fenixproductions, sounds like I can use that one. I hope you remember :)


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