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random number generator?


i'm looking for a very simple app to help me in my quest to learn another language.

something that can generate a whole number between x and y with every click.

it would also be nice if it could generate the following:

random times (4:43, 12:02, etc)
random money amounts (42.25, 445.99, etc)

does anybody know of such an app?

gexecuter: is pretty good for random numbers, tough i don't think it can do random times and money amounts.

If you have Excel you can use =RAND() to generate a random number between 0 and 1 plus a macro to convert that into a time/amount.

thanks for the replies.

i have seen, and they do have a clock time generator, but i would prefer an offline solution.

i'll look into using Excel, though i'm not very fluent with it...


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