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JkDefrag further developed as MyDefrag

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Yep, Puran's more conventional interface suits me better as well. The boot time defrag really puts it over the top for me.

I'm likely to drop both MyDefrag and Defraggler in favor of the convenience and effectiveness of Puran.

The only thing I did notice when I upgraded yesterday, it has a warning if your NTFS cluster size is not 16 KB then Shadow Copies of files might get corrupted if you defrag with the optimizations on.  I don't know if this is true of MyDefrag also or not.

For now I'm turning off System Restore before defragging with the optimzations.  That way I know for sure all my shadow copies are gone.  :)

It's an annoyance with Shadow Copy and defrag; not optimzation issue. More info here.

Yep, according to the MyDefrag developer, the possible loss of Shadow Copies is due to "a bug in the Shadow Copy service" and can happen with any defragger.

Guess it's no biggie then.  I don't retrieve from shadow copies often. But I've never noticed anything broken.  And I defrag quite frequently. It's probably more of an issue if you're running 80% capacity though.  I try to get my free space up to at least 70% before I run a defrag.


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