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The evil of the horizontal scrollbar - and what we can do about it

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So let's turn the trade-off around: make sorting a little harder, but viewing easier.
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i think i would agree with that approach as well.

Or, in a really advanced setup, you would be able to put the structure in an "edit" mode, similar to the designers in Delphi or Visual Studio. You'd be able to rearrange the cells by dragging and resizing, and that edit mode would also include controls for sorting.

And on the easy side, there's always right-clicking :)

Very interesting thread!

sticking with the traditional list view:
IQ/SQLNotes has an interface where you can lock any number of columns (from the left side) and then you can scroll horizontally using Control Key and mouse wheel - obviously a great improvement on struggling with the horizontal scrollbar

so you might have this info visible in current window (with the first column locked):-

| ITEM | START DATE | TAG | DURATION | URL | VOL..scrolling gives [edit] - shows the columns from further right - URL being the "overlapping" column in the two examples [/edit]
obvious advantage being that when I scroll I can see to which ITEM the LOCATION details refer to.
But also I really love the Control Key + Mouse Wheel for horizontal scrolling - it makes it so eeeasy :)

How about making viewing easier, but still allow for sorting.

Keep what you have, but add buttons on top for 'sort by'...

I don't see why you would all of a sudden have to lose your sorting ability using this UI approach...

And yes, great post :)

Great post!  8)

I've always hated horizontal scrollbar, specially when listview is abused. >:(


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