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The Best Of: text editors

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^Please don't take what I said earlier as a knock on Edi. I grabbed a trial copy and it's a very nice editor. I just didn't see anything in it that made me want (so far) to buy yet another text editor. If I were going to do that right now I probably be more likely to spring for one of Blumentals Solutions products like their PHPEditor  or WeBuilder since those are purpose built editors for web development and I really don't need another general purpose one. Especially since I own a half dozen already.

The only reason I said "warning" about "lifetime upgrade" is because usually one of two things happen when you believe in them too much: (a) the company changes its rules or definition and doesn't honor what most people think of when they hear "lifetime free upgrades"; or (b) the company does attempt to honor it - and eventually goes out of business leaving you with an orphan product.

Neither outcome is helpful. So like SB, I have to say: yeah - we're better off not even taking that sort of thing into consideration.

I hear you. :)  And I'd try Jetbrains... I love it!

Interesting -- reminds me a bit of mouser's The Form Letter Machine.-Jibz (January 24, 2013, 03:23 AM)
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^yes, you're right. I should of course from the beginning have quoted the following:

1. Document Templates
During work with a text editor an inexperienced user may have difficulties with things such as page layout, text and paragraph formatting etc...

Edi uses an innovative template system with text variables. A power user defines document layout and places variables in it. Then the document is stored. When the end user opens the document an input dialog is shown asking only for variable values. As a result a new document is created containing the new values and maintaining layout of the original document - template.

You could ask - what is the deal? Other programs like Microsoft Word or OpenOffice TextEditor also support templates.
The answer is yes, but not as easy as Edi does.-Edi
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listed key features:

If I were going to do that right now I probably be more likely to spring for one of Blumentals Solutions products like their PHPEditor  or WeBuilder
-40hz (January 24, 2013, 01:01 PM)
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OO!!  One of the very few editors with ftp access built in.  Very tempting just for that.


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