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Samorost - beautiful puzzles

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i was not a big fan of myst - it was too sterile for me.
although the mechanics of simple clicks are the same, to me the nice part about samarost2 was the personality and feeling of real creatures.

I only wish they would allow downloading their other games - I like to work out the puzzles sitting downstairs with my laptop, and there's no internet connection there.  Also, there are a number of beautiful games mentioned in their forums, and likewise I wish I could download those...
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Try (if you're using Firefox) Free Download Manager + FlashGot on the net-connected box, open the game and "FlashGot All". You should have a .swf file in the list. Download that... TaDa! Off-line flash game!

That seems to work for each part individually, but when you get the end of a sequence it stops working (certainly that's my experience using SWF Opener).  Really I wish there were another way, because this feels a little like sneaking around, since they've not actually made them available for download.  Well, really I just wish they would agree to have their beautiful games available for download...

Thanks for the tip, though, and thanks for your posts on FDM and FlashGot - I've been using both for awhile, but had no idea they were so useful!

Yeah it always seems a little sneaky, but I'm on vveerryy ssllooww dial-up at home, so it's a matter of playing offline at my convenience or not at all. Traffic to their site is probably preferred, but with games/animations I like, I'm usually back at their site anyway to see what's new.

P.S. I didn't post on the FDM+FG thread, as you'll agree they've discussed it pretty well already.

Ok to rebroadcast sometime after the new year?


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