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Samorost - beautiful puzzles

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brilliant find.

Carol Haynes:
Is it just me but all of the games are bringing up "Bad Request - Invalid Hostname" in Firefox and "Page cannot be found" in IE???

The main page works, it is just when you link to a particular game.

No, Carol, that's happening for me too.  Started last night.

I finished chapter 2 last night, with a real sense of achievement and pleasure.  Delightful! 

I only wish they would allow downloading their other games - I like to work out the puzzles sitting downstairs with my laptop, and there's no internet connection there.  Also, there are a number of beautiful games mentioned in their forums, and likewise I wish I could download those...

for people who are new to adventure games who like samarost and who are looking for a whole new world of enjoyment, try looking at something like "The Longest Journey":
(note you don't play this online, you buy and install)

this is a full complex game, that will take you weeks to finish, but may be more rewarding.

adventure games are starting to die out but for many of us they were the height of enjoyment.

I never really got into Myst - I wonder if I should go back to it?  My adventure gaming days were back when Infocom were making their classic text games...  I spent a generous portion of 1980-1985 on those!


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