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Samorost - beautiful puzzles

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Carol Haynes:
Fascinating - I am not a great games player and quickly gave up on the puzzles here but it really is a nice showcase of what Flash can do!

i have to say it was quite enjoyable all the way through.

on the site there is also a simpler, much shorter game in the same spirit but with music throughout, and you might want to try that one, its the "quest for the rest" one:

i've just added samarost2 to our best-of-the-web links page and made it site of the week:

Great!  Glad you liked it as much as I did, Mouser!  I'm really stuck on one of the puzzles now - I think it's in chapter 2, so unless you bought the full version, you can't get to it.  A lot to do with whale farts and a sleeping taximan...

i've emailed the authors, and suggested that we loved it so much, i would like to see if they wanted to let us buy 10 full copies of chapter 2 for the price of 5, to give out as gifts.


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