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Samorost - beautiful puzzles

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Others may already know of these beautiful Flash-based puzzles - I found a link to the first one on last week.  They are superb games, with haunting aethereal music, lovely imagery, and fun, unusual twists in the tale.  Highly, highly recommended - I just visited the new site, and was hooked enough to buy the full download, because I really want to support them in their lovely, evocative work.  Enjoy!

that is one of the most lovingly animated thing i have seen in a long time.. absolutely beatuiful and just oozing personality.
reallly wonderful find m_s.

Do look at their other inventions, too - there's a really lovely soulfulness and grace to everything they've done.  They seem to be the kind of people I would want as friends!  ;)


Ooooh! OOOOH! There's more games by them!

I played samorost 1 a while ago, and sorta totally forgot about it. Thanks a lot for letting me know that there's a #2 (and even more games) :-*


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