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DONE: Sort images into folders based on resolution

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Hi, pepanee, and welcome to the DonationCoder site.  Here's an update with a fix.

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v1.0.8 - 2016-10-15
    + Added icons to the interface buttons.
    ! The "Matches/Does not match" option was not saved.  (Thanks, pepanee)

Hello skwire,
You're welcome, and

Thank you so much for this program! I have it set up to detect any new wallpaper that I have in a folder to make copies of any wallpaper that is not 16x9, so I can be aware and fix that wallpaper image for my Desktop Slideshow & Lock Screen Slideshow on Windows 10.

Thank you so much for that little bug fix. Now the program works perfectly! All I have to do now from time to time is to open Dimensions 2 Folders and press the Go button!

Awesome program!

Thank you so much for that little bug fix.-pepanee (October 15, 2016, 10:46 PM)
--- End quote ---

You're quite welcome.  :Thmbsup:  I'm glad you find the program useful.  :)

Hi.  Thanks for writing Dimensions 2 Folders.   I sent a small donation and encourage others to do the same.  A few suggestions:
1: Dimension order:
It appears that the 9 x 16 option also captures 16 x 9?  It would be nice if there were a checkbox to tie the first dimension to width, 2nd to height? 
Why: to winnow out images that will fit on a hard landscape oriented device vs portrait

2: Only 1 identical image of same name
The current default of adding "(2),(3)..." to images of the same name is righteous.  However, a checkbox might engage feature to capture an "identical" file.  I think identical byte sizes would be good enough test for me, but of course to do it right, you'd want to do byte-wise comparison.
Why: So I don't have to find and delete identical files on my own

3: Folder replication
You have an option to recursively descend into source subfolders.  Maybe another option would recreate the same tree on the destination side?  When a new file is copied, if its relative folder doesn't already exist, create new folder(s) and then place copied file in same relative place.
Why: Because my wife spent a lot of time dividing things neatly into folders.

4: Size limitation
This one is tricky.  Basically copy no more than <specified> K bytes.  For extra credit either create additional folders and copy into them as needed or else allow for a second run to start where the first one stopped?  (It might have to work exclusively from suggestion #3 above.)
Why: to divvy source images for limited size media (4G thumb drives, for instance)

Indeed, this is a powerful tool and a great way to sort. I had an additional request, and was curious if it would be easy and appropriate to add-- I think much of the fore-knowledge to implement it is already inherent to the tool.

I find myself in the position of staging other, unrelated imaging automation (like batch re-sizing), and for it to succeed, I need to separate the "portrait" orientations from the "landscape" orientations. Could a mode be offered that would simply create those two directories in the target, and (as today) copy or move the images appropriately?

Thanks Skwire, for a useful tool, and for entertaining the feature request; of course, if I'm missing how it can do this, forgive the ignorance.



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