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Free Download Manager + FlashGot

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Publisher's Description:
Free Download Manager (FDM) is a full-featured freeware downloading program. It allows you to download files and whole web sites from any remote server via HTTP, HTTPS and FTP.

This is a really nice alternative for GetRight etc.! It also has a drop-box you can place on the desktop - which hides when you run another program in full-screen mode (guess who suggested that feature :D ). It has a great rating on that FileForum page above, and while it's not perfect it's great for its price (0,00)! :)

In combination with the FlashGot it's even better! If you haven't already, get this great Firefox extension from

Let me give you an example

Let's say you grab some wallpapers from various sites every now and then (or pdf files, or videos, or spreadsheets, or ...). That page could look like this:

                                         Free Download Manager + FlashGot

When it's one of those sites that directly link to images (and not linking to stupid html pages which load one image then) you would just mark the images you would like to download with the mouse:

                                         Free Download Manager + FlashGot

Then you would right-click to get the context menu, where you would choose FlashGot Selection. When you don't mark images first it will look like this:

                                         Free Download Manager + FlashGot

The great thing about FlashGot now is that it allows you to set the file types which it should hand over to the download manager (for example Free Download Manager). So when you like ALL the images on one page you could just choose FlashGot All or, even better - you open several sites in several tabs, point each tab to where the page links to the images you want and then just choose FlashGot Tabs (you need to enable FlashGot Tabs in the FlashGot Options first).

Now you will automatically download all the images/files from all tabs in that Firefox window that fit the FlashGot filter you did set. GREAT and IMHO a must-have, even if you only do mass-downloading once a month.

I've been using flashgot for a while now too. I like it (but I've barely started using the automated features). I have been using Star Downloader. I think I tried Free Download Manager too but opted for SD for one reason or another though.

Free Download Manager has a better rating than the free Star Downloader version. Is there any special reason why one should try it anyway? Maybe special features of some kind?

Hmmm... I'm not sure...

I hadn't used a download manager since GetRight in like '99. I visited pretty much every site for every (free) compatible program on the FlashGot website. I downloaded quite a few, but I was also only trying them long enough to move on to the next.

Oh, here's something: there aren't any ads. Kinda nice...

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