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I used Entbloess for a year and was happy with it. Then I switched to dual monitors, which it doesn't support (last I checked). I tried out Topdesk because of the multi-monitor support and haven't looked back. In general usability and resources I've had better success with TopDesk over Entbloess, but definitely give both a shot.

I just wanted to point out the dual monitor support in TopDesk.


sadly, i've sort of grown tired of Entbloess. it still looks cool but i just find the traditional task switching methods work better for me.

i've just realised i haven't tried topdesk - madness. will now try...

topdesk = fantastic.

Great! Glad you gave it a try Nudone!

Thanks for the review m_s.

I was never a big fan of alt-tab replacement, but I went ahead and installed TopDesk Trial just to see what all this talk is all about.  The window tiling thing looks so cool that I find myself constantly alt-tabbing just for the heck of it.  I am not sure if I will grow tired of it though since I don't have any real usage other than WOWing my coworkers :)

Do you guys use Grid, Spatial or Flip?


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