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Dr.Windows - LATEST VERSION INFO THREAD - v1.06.01 - January 29, 2014

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v1.06.01 - 1/29/14

* [Bugfix] Fixed index out of range error caused by array length bug (thanks jimbo1qaz)
* Moved to dual installer system (normal and portable zip)
* Signed executable
* Added manifest
* Fixed some dialog typos (thanks jimbo1qaz)
v1.05.01 - 2/27/09

* DrWindows now creates a DrWindows subdirectory in your MyDocuments directory, where you can put your custom dialog messages and image/sound files, without needing to have write access to the Program Files directory where DrWindows is normally installed.  The program will load dialogs and media from both locations.
* Added Help button to options dialog.

v1.04.01 - 12/16/05

* Removed need for a license key (clear any if blank) for this program - now never nags or expires.
* Hiding option menu is now itself an option, disabled by default to make it easier for new users to figure out how to use.
* Added yet more dialogs from Stefan [thx!]

v1.03.01 - December 13, 2005

* [new dialogs] now over 50 dialogs
* This is the first public release.

NOTE:  Please be careful when playing tricks on people with this program to make sure they don't think its a virus and reformat their hard drive in an attempt to clean it.

Windows has detected that you have moved your mouse...
--- End quote ---


I laughed for a good 2 minutes after reading that!!

When seeing "Windows has detected..." messages (usually after opening a folder and highlighting the exact file it's looking for) I always think ...yeah well, I'm glad somebody's watching.

minor update.

Krazy Hawaiian:
Oh LOLz   ;D   I had a prank program for use on lans a long time ago that was a total riot!! You slipped the receiver part into the targets pc when they aren't around or if you have access to a drive on there pc all the better. once its in place (26bytes) you have a control panel that offers a whole selection of fun stuff to do th them.

1 Desktop Earthquake  desktop shakes around and speakers rumbled :)  Had a timer to start on a schedule or trigger after you left.

2 Reverse the l and r mouse buttons  that was another winner hehe

3 Drunk mouse  mouse goes everywhere but where you want it to go. would slowly creep off screen completely by itself LOL :D

4 restart PC  LOLz

5 move icons around  was funny to watch them freaking out as stuff moved on them.

6 random blasts of music, women screaming and sex noises and occasionally a voice screaming so n so is viewing pr0n!! very loud!!   was so hard not to crack up when his comp started  screaming MORE MORE OH GOD HARDER real loud and he couldn't turn it down without unplugging the speakers.  I could imagine that in a busy office rofl  I saw a video a few days back with some friends pranking a guy with animal noises  sheep baaaa ing and a guy grunting in a office full of women   :P

7 close desktop program or open a random proggy  :D

a few other funny things that would make someone who didn't know go psyco!!

I used it on my roommate and sometimes just couldn't stop laughing it would be so funny!!

I have my comp in a back bedroom that is covered floor to ceiling with 3 layers of carpet to deaden the sound. (I have a killer HT setup in there) only have one neighbor they are on other end of house so I can do anything I like at any time.

My roommate was just getting started with PC's and he had it in my room so I could "help" him easier :P   LOLOLOLO  OMG  the look on his face when stuff would start doing weird things was just priceless!!

I'd trigger that desktop earthquake then getup and go by his side of the room so it didn't look suspicious.... and I could watch his reactions better  Man that was so much fun messing with him!!!  It went on for like 2 weeks!

I had him convinced that there were spirits on his drive!!  He almost went out and bought a new comp rofl   thats when I had to tell him...   He took it alright but was forever looking my way after that when his comp did some odd thing   ;D

Forgot what the name was.... got it off ZD Net at least 9 years or more ago.

I have download it 3 times... all the 3 Norton delete the file and write  a message

"Joke neutralized
Dr.Windows joke deleted"

and there is nothing to use or try...



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