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mp3 Player


Hi, I have an idea for a prog. I have one that plays .wav files, but would like one that plays my mp3 files. All you do is put the prog into a folder where all your music is and then click Add All or input only the ones you want to play at that time.  Sound easy??  The prog I have is 'Jukebox.exe'  (put it in the directory with your .WAV files and it will randomly play your .WAV files for you) Let me know what you think... Thanks, TJ

No need for a new program, there are plenty.  8)

Start with these 2 threads:

THANKS!!  I didn't know they were out there! I have been searching forever it seems and not getting anything back. These are all I am asking for!!  Have a Good Day...

from the second thread posted by brotherS:

I've been using 1x1 to play .mp3s since reading about it in that thread last month, excellent!

Many people use Winamp, it's very popular.


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