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Plugin related feature requests

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I was also hoping that gridmode might have been a few weeks out instead of months but to be honest im continually amazed at how fast and responsive you are whilst managing so many different projects.

1. It would be good for plugins if they could query (and possibly set) certain FARR options. A couple of examples:
 - With the option 'Hide when focus is lost' set FarrMilk currently can't complete the authorisation process. It would be good if the plugin could temporarily disable that option and put it back once authorisation is complete, or at least tell the user to do so.
 - I'm currently assuming that the user has 'Max. entries to display in normal results' set to 9 (and specify so in the help file). But if the plugin could query this value, it could present certain results in a more dynamic manner, i.e. only using the first (Max - 1) results and make the last one a 'More' entry.
 - Another requirement is that the user is showing the Location column. Well, the plugin works without this but it wouldn't be obvious to the user what he misses. So I think it would be good if the plugin could at least tell the user that he could enable the Location column to enhance his user experience.
-phitsc (October 21, 2008, 05:54 AM)
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Have to agree with all points mentioned above and i have often times wished that plugins could be able to specify at least which columns/rows are displayed and perhaps even which display style (large vs report).

It would also be great if these fields could be turned on/off for each result. For example certain options such as those used to navigate a plugin or simply to display status info may not need the same fields displayed as other results. Would definitely tidy the display up a little make using the plugin more intuitive.

3. Plugins like FarrMilk have no use for the Score value. It would be cool if the Score line in the results could be used like the Location column to display additional information. In FarrMilk I would probably move the URL there or show titles of notes.
-phitsc (October 21, 2008, 05:54 AM)
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Mouser, I had an idea today how this could be done in a very pragmatic way (maybe). Although you'll probably not like the idea, I'm going to offer it anyway. To repeat the problem: Most plugins using the list view probably have no use for the Score line (or the type or date for that matter). For these, the Score line is wasted space which could be used to display additional information. If FARR accepted a two line groupname (e.g. divided with \n), it could display the second line where the Score is now displayed. While probably kind of obscure, at least this would leave the plugin interface unchanged.


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