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They also have a generous discount available for students and low-waged, which is easily accessible from the order page.  And once I used it for a few days, I came to rely on it entirely!  It's great - makes so many tasks so much easier.

Why is Roboform so much better than the Saved Passwords system in Mozilla Firefox, or a freestanding thing like KeePass?

I still have lots of little-used ones stored in Passpack though I have to remember to switch ClipCache off before I use it.  KeePass avoids sending clips, and with Firefox they're irrelevant.

Carol Haynes:
Give it a try and you will see in less than 5 minutes ... honestly if you want password storage for websites I haven't found anything that comes even close for ease of use and features (and it has notes storage too - I use it for passwords for things like download music services that don't use stanrard webpages, such as iTunes).

One of the new features introduced recently is websearching from the browser toolbar - but it has the twist that you can add all and any search engines you fancy very easily - and can even search shops like amazon with a single click.

:) RoboForm once was free, I use v4.6.8.-skrommel (December 13, 2005, 11:16 AM)
--- End quote ---
Is that the last free version?
Do U know where it is available from?
It's not on this site:




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