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New tapes available and more coming: World of 2XL and Voyage to Outer Space


Im happy to say that I received two new digitized tapes from user TheSmJ, and I have added them to the simulator:
"World of 2XL" and "Voyage to Outer Space"

these are long 30+ minute tapes made for the new tiger brand 2XL, and i still need to tweak the cart image and button overlay, but these are the first user-submitted tapes I've received and I'm very excited about it :)

looking forward to the day when we will have every cart !

link to simulator:

Batman: Carnival of Crime is minutes away from being entirely recorded and I'll be posting it (for mouser) tonight.

I'll also start on another. Maybe finish it tonight as well if I have time.

can't tell you how nice it is to have new tapes TheSmJ,
on behalf of all 2XL fans, I thank you :)


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