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How to:Upgrade your forum account after making donation?

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I Signed up as a forum visitor before making donation and now that I've made a donation I can't find where to enter my license key to go from forum visitor to member...  where's it at?

Welcome to the site! Once the money is being transferred it might take a few hours or a day, then mouser will upgrade you. Enjoy the site until then as much as you can.

Try pressing the 'PROFILE' button in the top row of buttons (home, search, _profile_, ...).

On your profile page, at the bottom of the left side box, there should be a field called 'Charter Member Activation' with a button saying 'Activate Membership' in red. Enter your activation code there, and hit the button.

Hope that helps :up:.

welcome fishee (and thank you again for your donation!)
i really need to put up a little screenshot tutorial as i know its a bit confusing.

here is a little pictorial tutorial (you should have received an email like the one shown in the first snapshot; if not, check any spam blocker and email me for more help).

i will try to put up a fuller tutorial in the near future.

0)You should have recieved an email (shown below) after you donate with
  your forum charter membership activation # (see screenshot #1).
1)If you haven't done so already, register at the forum,
   (this is not done for you automatically, you still need to register).
2)After registering, the forum will send you a confirmation email, and
   after you reply to that you can return to the forum and log in.
3)Once logged in, go to your forum profile by clicking the Profile button.
   At the bottom left of your profile page you will see a box where you can
   submit your Charter Member Validation Number to upgrade your account,
   which will remove all adverts on the site and unlock other features.
4)Your forum login is how the site will recognize that you are a charter
   member, and so activating your forum membership is important.


BrotherS wrote this:
Once the money is being transferred it might take a few hours or a day, then mouser will upgrade you. Enjoy the site until then as much as you can.
--- End quote ---

you can tell brotherS has been here for a while - this was the old way :)  the new way is much more automated and instantaneous.

as soon as you donate with paypal you should get an email like the one described above, and you can activate yourself by following those instrctions.

note: always check your spam filters+folders and make sure they aren't blocking email from us - it happens a lot for reasons known only to spam blocker coders :)

and don't hesitate to let us know if you have trouble getting it to work, we are always available to help, either on forum or email :)


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