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nudone's new pc

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i'm happy to report that all is well with the new monitor - it almost made me weep when i saw it spring into life. having a quick go on 'far cry' almost made me orgasm (not joking).

anyone considering this sort of monitor should just bite the bullet and get one - i can only liken it to sitting in front of a cinema screen. it makes all LCD televisions look like a complete joke - and i mean ALL. comparing it to a plasma screen doesn't do it any kind of justice either.

look, just sell the kids or remortgage the house and go and buy one - this really is the future of entertainment.

rofl  ;D

an alternative strategy: just keep saving up and tell yourself that the longer you wait to upgrade, the more wonderful the feeling will be when you finally do.

well, these things are going to be a lot cheaper by this time next year. i didn't realise Dell were doing a 24" monitor too, looks like they are going to be everywhere soon.

i didn't realise Dell were doing a 24" monitor too
-nudone (December 24, 2005, 03:30 AM)
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You must have been quite busy shopping for all those PC parts :)

well, it took about a week to work out what i wanted - most of the guess work was done from just reading the star rated products in various magazines. then i bought the whole lot from one computer shop except for the monitor which i ordered online.


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