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A Vista printer utility that saves ink like InkSaver?

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Yes I tried that as well and it looks like it uses the same ink saving algorithm (0%-75% saving, output looked identical on paper). However as EcoPrint2 allows you to delete pages, rotate pages and cram pages onto a single sheet, I went for EcoPrint2. Both are recommended though; I chose to pay a little more for more functionality that EcoPrint2 offers.

Hi there,

FYI, i waited 15 days and 5 messages to have support....that was unable to fix the problem. So ecoprint2 pro did not worked and they refunded me. Quite frustrationg but fair enough. As i already got fineprint that allows me to unclutter my pages before printing, i finally bought the light version which works on my vista install.



Same question here, though not specifically for Vista or Windows 7, XP will do. Are there any freeware or Open Source alternative doing the same job as InkSaver? The site is down. I managed to download from an other source, but the software won't even install.

This page
introduces AP FIll and EcoPrint2, but neither is free.

I found a free software in Japanese
but it does not work properly on my Windows XP.

Does any one know some free software doing this? Or is it that printer company lobbies are so strong that no such free software can be found?

[Edit] I finally found a working version of inksaver:

Still a freeware / open source version of this would be great.

Found this in a PC Mag :

I hadn't heard about this one before: Print Saver Eco, maybe that is why it is being offered by Avanquest...
£30, now £20

oh, I realize the discount isn't on, when using the normal link.
Here is a very long link that probably is connected to my email  address:
please tell if private informations is appearing!

Print Saver Eco: Saving the World, One Printer at a time
--- End quote ---
Print Saver Eco Ink and Toner Saver can reduce up to 75% of your ink usage and it can be used with any printer, as well as printers shared over any Local Area Network (LAN). When activated, Print Saver Eco Ink and Toner Saver resides in the system tray and functions in the background, so there is no need to make adjustments every time you print. It's easy - new ink saving settings can be activated via one click.

    No Ink Reduction ..... - ..... 20% Ink Reduction    

   The Ink/Toner Saving Option window allows you to Customise your saving ratio. Simply drag the marker on the scale to the desired percentage indicating how much ink you'd like to save when you print. For example, moving the marker to 25% means you will print using 75% of the amount of ink you would normally

--- End quote ---


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