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The entitled generation....Are they right?

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In an attempt to find some articles to link to in reference to something I wanted to say (which escaped my head in the process), I stumbled across this site and have been on quite an adventure in reading, over the last 24 hours.

This is the site of George Ziemann (artist and sound engineer), someone who is rather anti-RIAA and for good reasons, which you will learn as you read the pages on his site.

Of particular note is his Incomplete History of Rock and Roll.

Be sure to follow the links. They may lead to more pages deep within his own site (packed with more info and more links) or they may lead to interesting articles, off-site (not all of the older ones are gone forever, but if you hit a 404 on an external link, try

Here is one of particular note that I found through his site.

I have a feeling some of you may see the "music biz" a lot differently when you are finished.

I am very pro artist and for me, this 24 hour adventure just reinforced my beliefs that I am right for boycotting RIAA produced music because it hurts everyone, including independent artists that choose not to sign with an RIAA label...and I may have officially added the radio conglomerates to that list too.

Oh, and while you are there, pick up some Creative Commons licensed tunes to enjoy and share with your friends.

Well...word just came in on the the Pirate Bay trial over in Sweden,

Final verdict: Guilty. :tellme:
1 year jail time for each defendant, and a total of $3.6-million in fines. The news report I saw didn't say how the fines were apportioned out.

I wonder if they would have gotten less of a slap if they didn't insist on acting like defiant little macho twits all the way through the trial.

I wonder if they would have gotten less of a slap if they didn't insist on acting like defiant little macho twits all the way through the trial.-40hz (April 17, 2009, 12:57 PM)
--- End quote ---
And that is actually the only thing I have against TPB (even if it's been amusing).

They're going to appeal, though, and (while I find it unlikely) I do hope the case goes all way to supreme court (or whatever it's called in sweden) and that the TPB guys end up winning.

Not because I care much about the site itself, but I don't like swedens iPRED, I don't like the general anti-privacy tendency all around, and I don't like the implications of a site that doesn't hold anything directly illegal being shut down. Who's next, google?

I am NOT saying I like this or agree, but if a criminal is staying in my house and I know he has done something, when they storm in my house they will at the very least question me.
What I am saying I am not one bit surprised they are in trouble, don't agree with it but good luck finding judges/lawyers who will not say the thing I just posted.

Enough talk! Just give me the download link and the serial number already!


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