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The entitled generation....Are they right?

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Disproportionate, as in:

Get your money for nothing, get your chicks for free.  8)
(Back me up, Dire Straits!)

I don't really care if an artist makes some hundred million dollars on music if it's decent. Sure, it might not have been as hard as working 10 hours a day in a factory, but if people like what they produce, then fine. My gripe is with the record industry who doesn't really do anything to add value, and grab the lions share of the profit.

PS: PETA -> People for Eating Tasty Animals 8)

I don't begrudge them their wealth either - even when they are talentless one hit wonders. I just can't get myself to weep for them coz some kid running Bearshare (*shudder*) is ripping into their $$$.

WRT PETAI'm not getting preachy - I've had my mother stop talking to me for weeks coz I killed a couple of chickens at my uncle's farmhouse once. Though she's not vegetarian either and I'm sure she enjoyed eating them just as much as the rest of us did.  :-\
Funny side-story: I had just cut a chicken's neck right off (n00b error) and took it to the kitchen feeling a tinge guilty. Its legs were all stretched out and stiff and I tried to straighten them out by pressing them down and bending them at the joints and the darned thing kicked back hard (one of those dead reflex things) scaring the living hell out of me!  ;D

I think it is interesting to note that what CWuestefeld describes in his last paragraph is actually already happening to a large extent. Many artists have taken the route of cutting out the middleman (or dealing with less oppressive middlemen, sometimes banding together to create these themselves.)

This issue stirs up a lot of heat, as it touches on things that people care deeply about, and we are still in the midst of it. We all wish it were over, except for the record companies, who wish it had never started.

It's a difficult issue. Record companies want to produce as much product as possible, as cheaply as possible, and sell it as expensively as possible. But the biggest market for this product, the people who have the most time and disposable income to spend on music, and the ones who are most likely to consume music without as much regard for its quality - teenagers - are also the ones most likely to steal music and figure it's no big deal to do so.

The original question is about entitlement, and I think the way it is phrased says a lot about the views of the framer. Are people stealing because they feel a sense of entitlement and have no morals? Or are they stealing because they believe the system is corrupt and are reluctant to support it with their money when a viable alternative is available?

Is it our duty to obey the laws of the state, even when we feel those laws are unjust? Or do we have a duty to disobey unjust laws? Should businesses respect the decisions of the marketplace, even when it's handing them their hat and shoving them towards the door, or should they smack back at the invisible hand in hopes of staying or diverting that final push?

Or maybe it boils down to, who do you dislike more: insolent, ill-behaved teens and their surly ways, or bloated, arrogant record company execs and their surly ways?  :-\


Boy has Jim ever hit each nail in this discussion squarely on the head with his comments above. Excellent post Jim!. :Thmbsup:


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