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Sysinternals PageDefrag: Good, Bad?

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Not everyone can just buy more ram.
For some, that would mean another computer to build or buy.
The question here among other similar questions is, how can some of these programs help my computer as it is now.

Just send everyone $999.00, and, voila, problem solved.

12GB of RAM? wish I could go for that.

I don't know, I never saw any noticeable benefit from defraging, either using Windows' own or paging files PageDefrag or a few years back on my old machine when I owned a legal copy of Diskeeper

Maybe because Diskeeper is not such a good defragger, which is especially true for the one included in Windows. But there are quite a lot of freeware and commercialware that do a good till excellent job.

See this thread for a discussion about this kind of software, reading through its post you will see the names of some good defraggers (both free and commercial).

There are several good reasons to defrag.

* You should notice that your system feels faster, more responsive. If not, then you are using wrong configuration settings or a bad piece of software.
* A defragmented hard drive will make less noise when reading/writing, reducing wear and tear in normal day-to-day use.
* When you accidentally delete something on a defragmented drive, data retrieval software has a (far) better chance of actually getting your data back.

For sure here and elsewhere have heard good things about JKDefrag, time to give it a try I guess.

As far as your points go I am not going to claim you are wrong, but barring Diskeeper I have used the other two tools on numerous pcs with vastly different configs and usage (for example mine is full of downloads, some others barely anything downloaded except Firefox and couple of IMs and so on)


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