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DONE: Sort files into folders based on type

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the input boxes are disabled, because I'm just lazy. Entering paths by hand would mean, I've to check if it's accessable, writeable, and so on...   ;) But what about this: Now you can drag&drop files or folders on the Inputboxes. Cool?  8)

Shame the folders did not work. I don't know what you mean with MoveOut. Never used this program.

The EXE+other extensions is now doing this (rev4):
If there's only one file (filename.exe) it'll be moved to "Apps"
If there're more files (filename.exe + filename.other_extensions)  they'll be moved to "Apps\filename".


Drag and drop works - didn't think of that! :)

Basically on the folder thing: no fault of the program. I had made a set of folders to have MoveOut organize them to see how that worked, but then I switched to ILikeToMoveIt and what it was trying to (correctly) do, was move all those folders into the _folders directory.

Downloading now :Thmbsup:

PhilB66: wrote about ILikeToMoveIt. Read Sort Files Folders Automatically.

Reading your request I thought, I could use this application myself. Being a bit bored at work, I gave it a try.

Nice implementation, thanks.

-wr975 (April 09, 2009, 09:24 AM)
--- End quote ---

Glad someone else got some use out of it as well, I thought it would be too specific. wr975 really did a great job with it- I have modified it slightly to run automatically and let Task Manager run it at midnight every day, and it works EXACTLY how I needed :) :Thmbsup:

EDIT: And ILikeToMoveIt is managing 13.6GB of data for me (and counting) - still running blazing fast every time :up:


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