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Bug? - Blank GUI

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I copied the CHS exe's over the old version and now when I double click on the tray icon I get a blank gui... just the menu bar shows.  Not sure if this is something I did or if it's a bug, though. 


you should be able to just copy over the exe, and yeah a blank gui would be a bad thing :(
did it give its normal balloon messages in tray saying its starting up and ready?
maybe exit and restart and make sure you wait some seconds before double clicking.

I reactivated balloon tips and they showed up fine, but still a no-go on the GUI.  I don't get any error indications.  When you copy the files from the new version over the old, should you copy over all files?  I just did the ones in the main directory not the subfolders (figured that would just lose my settings/database).


hmm i wonder if i should pull this version until i get more reports..
you really should not need to do anything but copy over the exe.
let me test a new install.

can you make me a screenshot?

the only thing i can think of is
look at status bar.. does it say it is "cleaning/compacting" the data?


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