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IDEA: Desktop progress meter

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I recognize that my requests may be more than what is expected of a "snack," but I think they would make Barbecue more integrated internally and bump it up to a really nice level. Thanks for considering this.

I will work on a .net version if he doesn't want to update or have the time to update it.  I been working on a .net progressbar user control anyway for another project, so it might not be that hard for me to do. :)

I should be able to add Scott's requests.   :Thmbsup:

Hamradio: Thanks for your offer -- I really appreciate it!

Skwire: Wow, thanks for such a quick and positive response! I'm looking forward to trying an updated version.

Here's one more request I hope you might consider as well:
7. Make the tray icon a single-click toggle, replacing what now requires a double-click then Escape.

Where is the progress data saved? Barbecue changed all my Totals to zero, so it would be nice to backup the data for recovery purposes.


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