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Re: VERSION v1.05.01 - November 15, 2005


Cool, I'll give it a try when I get home... the Government has decided to ban downloading zip and exe files.  Well, some places it works.  Cant figure out why.  Oh well!  Thanks for the new version though,


Giving the new version a try.  This may be just me, but figured I would post it in case someone else experiences it: I copied all files out of the archive into a new folder and ran the exe.  CHS put its icon in the tray and just sat there.  I clicked on it and nothing happened.  Finally I CAD and found that it was using ~16 meg of memory.  I tried to end the process and it did after about a minute or so.  Double clicked the exe again and everything is smooth.  Don't know what happened.  I have to wait till I build up some clips!  From the surface quick paste menu looks good.  Any way to have it position by the blinking curser not the mouse?  Assinine, I know, but that's where I first looked!  Will report again,


Also, in looking at the few clips I have made, the %windowtitle% seems to be off.  In one case it got the entirely wrong program and in the others it got an old windowtitle.  Unless the windowtitle is not what is on the titlebar...

And guess what?  I'll add these two comments along with some feature thoughts into the bugtracker while I'm at it...


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