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[IDEA] easily change last modified date to current date

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Does DO have a function to save selected files to list*? If yes, what is the format of such file?

I could try to write second version with multiple files handling. It shouldn't be hard :)

*) In TC you just select files and pass %L parameter (which is replaced by i.e. c:\tmp\list.txt file) to proper application.


If your files selection is stored in list file where each name is in separate line, similar to:
--- ---D:\code\AutoHotkey\Compiler\Ahk2Exe.exe

Then AHK code for v.2. is:
--- ---if 0 < 1
MsgBox, You must specify list file name!
FileReadLine, line, %1%, %A_Index%

if ErrorLevel

FileSetTime, , %line%, M
Of course, you need to start second version with list name as parameter.

I did not check but it should also work with folders.

There used to be freeware utilities named "touch.exe" that did that one function. Command line would probably be the most efficient.  All the files on the command line get touched.  Then you can run it in batch files or just drag & drop a bunch of files on it.

Just searching "Touch" on comes up with a bunch

tomos: you can use FileMenu Tools to do what you want. i myself use 12Ghosts for this purpose but it's shareware.


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