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Windows Xp/Vista Replacements and Enhancements

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I like to get the max out of my pc. I'm very keen on usefull tiny tools which make your experience a little bit better. I thought: Let's start a topic and share on! I like stylish software with a nice good UI.

3RVX: Stylish Volume OSD

You can set your volume changing keys and select wether it affects wave or normal volume. Also you can select some skins. I prefer the one which looks like some mac thingy. It also shows volume level in the notification area (tray for some)
Download - Info

QT Adres bar

Vista style navigation in XP's explorer. Very nice and handy.

Qliner Hotkeys

A very nice UI, easy drag and drop shortcuts and build in tools like volume up and down, screenshot taker with selection.


It's Mozilla's music player, music library thingy. It supports addons by default, has a growing community behind it. You can sync your iPod or any MTP device with this fancy piece of software. Where iTunes does not have a watch folder functionality, Songbird does. Songbird is being worked on all the time, and I think this will be a good one.

What do you have?

This is my first-ever post, but I've been lurking a while.  Thanks for the enhancement lists. 

I would add quite a few items, except I can't think of any that don't require some tweaking.  An example of excellence that can cause unexpected problems out-of-the-box is KatMouse, which enables scrolling of any window under the cursor with your mousewheel, whether that window has the current focus or not.   It will also change your mouse behavior somewhat until you adjust the settings from the system tray icon.

Once I tweaked KatMouse, I loved it.



OK, I'm ready for the forty lashes for reopening an ancient post.  :-[
But I've been longing for this silly little app for a long time and I think I finally got PS Tray Factory going! I'm on Win7/64 and have a ton of icons in my systray. Even though 98% are hidden, when I want to use one, it's never in the same place and I have to memorize dozens of tiny icon shapes to find the one I want. This app REALLY should be part of windows. A long time ago I tried the app, but it just didn't behave well in my system so I uninstalled it.

Lately frustrated again with the situation, I tried the v3.1a version link above. But after installation my computer went into a loop with explorer crashing and restarting (had to uninstall in safe mode). I came across a v3.3 version uploaded to in February 2016. Says it runs on Win7/64 as well as 8 and 10!

Just installed it and set it up and I think I'm in love again. Works as it should with one TINY exception (it doesn't hide my idrive backup icon). Just playing around with it now (this help file incorrectly says it's v3.1), but things look hopeful!

I liked PS Tray Factory back in the day.  But I'm not sure I need it on Win7. 

I do find it ... odd ... that they upload v3.3 to but haven't updated their own website:

Yes, it really is a new and updated version 3.3, and my old key was accepted right away. Thanks for telling! I think, however, that Windows 10 Explorer already is doing this particular job equivalently fine.

I do find it ... odd ... that they upload v3.3 to but haven't updated their own website: -mwb1100 (April 15, 2016, 07:30 PM)
--- End quote ---

^ what is really odd is that the version on their homepage since 24'th of February also is the new version 3.3 (go to 1.32MB), and, as you said, they don't tell !!!

Shareware: $25.


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