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IDEA: run an executeable step by step

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I love games, still trying to get external graphics card. But the integrated graphics of my mother board are enough to run any game. Any one can note a clear difference between perforemance of high graphic games on XP and Vista on integrated graphics.

I dont like to 'runas' the applications. Thats why my user has full privilages (admin). When i downloaded that file i scanned it first with Dr. Web. And my fault that i trusted on it blindly, another fault was that Dr. Web Cure It was not updated from 14 days. But the file i have downloaded was very old. I dont even tried to update it and scanned that file with Dr. Web Cure It.

Ok!, Than i should consider my idea as 'unsuitable'. But i m still sure if there is will be any it will be very beneficial. I am searching for rootkits now. Better next time.

Scan completed with Sophos Anti rootkit - No rootkit found.


 :) There are antivirus programs out there that will do this, but I'd suggest using Sandboxie insted. It captures and moves all file and registry writes to a sandbox for easy retrieval.



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