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Image management with auto Face Recognition


read free image manager -
read the shootout review
read photo workflow reviews
read tons of other stuff
read (is this legit? or promo?)

still can't find one with face recognition for photos...

does anyone know when this will be available? or of any software that supports it...?

I want something that will be easy for the whole family to use, and on their laptops! That means it has to have a portable database scheme...

I'm thinking the best after all this is a website (hosted at home), that can act like flickr, for each family member! Anyone know of a good solution for that?

Sigh, I am so worried of approaching my photo collection to try and tag and organize it, coz I've already been burnt once, where I lost all the tagged info (from iMatch, then Adobe Elements)...

It's frustrating, we haven't managed to find a good multi-user family friendly image management software yet.

Let's see from the top of my head I remember that for image management these are free & non free contenders
adobe lightroom
adobe photoshop elements
(website Freeware)
(website cloud)

Some mentions of Vista Photo gallery, and the home server variants for photos..

--- End quote ---

I need help!

Currently system is "Dated folders + event name\camera file name"

maybe i'm thinking all wrong...

The primary reason i need tags is to find people in my photos!
especially family members...
that too to make presentations on special occasions.

i feel so bummed out whenever i think of this monumental task, it's been on my todo for 4 years now! and still nothing has evolved to make it trivial to do this.

this seems like a incoherent rambling train going towards the edge of a cliff

ok ok... summarizing for myself
features like websites (flickr,facebook ...etc.)
 - i.e. individually managed collections
 - private areas
 - backup of photos
 - search for individuals photos (if tagged)

features like apps
 - portable data(base),
 - quick scrolling through thousands of pictures
 - copy photos

--- End quote ---
has a good write up

maybe i should go bang my head there...

Face recognition in Gallery2?

It is a nice and capable product, but I have now spent already quite some time on its feature pages and could not find anything about that.

However, it is very easy to install/use on a server in your house.


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