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how does setuservar work ? [feature request ?]

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i can't make this work...

setuservar USERVARNAME=VALUE - sets the value of a user variable (e.g. setuservar twitter.username=donationcoder)
--- End quote ---

this works perfectly : %uservar.SectionName.variablename%

but i can't set a user variable

now i think i have a feature request for you mouser !
Could you add the possibility to set a user variable from outside ?

by command-line for example :
C:\Program Files\FindAndRunRobot\FindAndRunRobot.exe -setuservar twitter.username=donationcoder

that would be great :) to be able to interact with FARR like so

Cheers, keep up the good work and keep giving us frequent releases ! (i'm waiting for the internal browser toolbar !)

Here's what happened for me using a plugin to try to leverage this functionality:

--- Code: Javascript ---FARR.setStrValue("launch", "setuservar Akete.test=hi");
I then observed the following text in the User Variables pane of the Options dialog box:

[setuservar Akete]
test = hi
--- End quote ---

May be I'm doing something wrong...

FWIW, I tested with FARR 2.53.02.

ewe, you found a bug. will be fixed in next version.

and what about MY problem ;) ???

i'm trying to use setuservar from an alias (not a plugin) by the way...

the bug that ewe found would affect setting user var from an alias.  in fact you'll notice that he basically simulated in his plugin call the effect of specifying something in an alias launch command.  after the next update you will be able to specify in your alias result: setuservar section.varname=value

your other idea about commandline invocation is reasonable.  i'll add ability to invoke var with a command to launch (which would also let you use above functionality to set user vars), and ask farr to display some results.


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