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IDEA: suggesting improvement for MouseActivate


Hello everyone,

I'm using ObjectDock - a wonderful application that presents the Mac Dock to Windows.
One of the items in my dock is the clock. I've designed it to stay hidden until the mouse hovers over it.
When mouse is over it, it appears. When clicked, it opens the "Date And Time Properties" window.
So far, so good.

Now I want to use MouseActivate for auto-click (i'm too lazy to click).
It works wonderfully, apart from this: When I want to see the time, and hover over were the clock appears, it does appear, but gets clicked!

So, my idea is this: Add a feature to MouseActivate that disables auto-click if the mouse is (or isn't) in a specific area of the screen, or in one of a few specific areas of the screen.

I can then set the non-active area to the clock area, and the world shall be at peace...
I'm sure it will become useful in other cases.

I would have done it myself, but i'm yet to trust my programming skills. No doubt I will make that attempt eventually, but if anyone would take it on, it would be much faster...



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