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Paragon Total Defrag 2009 For Free - Powerful but controversial

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Hi MilesAhead again,  ;D

No I didn't run it in safe mode.
After setting the options and starting it,
it prompted to restart the computer.
Which I clicked, so it then ran before windows loaded.

One thing I like is that it separated out the MFT files section.
And it wasn't in the middle of all my other files like it was.
Seems to me that it should be that way anyway.

I set it to Directories at the beginning of the drive-Ascending.

The green up near the MFT is programs I've installed since running Paragon.

Does anybody know if there is anything to the "complete low-level defragmentation" that Paragon promises?
Is this anything special and provides real world advantages?

cmpm thanks for the additional info.

I think I'll stick with Raxco PerfectDisk. It, too, will defrag your HDs to less than 1% fragmentation & it definitely won't take 6 weeks to do it. It's also the only defragger as of this writing that is certified to work with Windows 7.


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