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It is very convenient to launch CircleDock with the middle button but... In FireFox I have a very strong habit to close my tabs with the middle button.
So there is a conflict because when I try to close a tab, I see CircleDock...

I would like to keep the middle button everywhere to launch CircleDock but not on a Tab... or not with any program that use this middle button specifically.
Is it possible to "tell" "don't intercept middle button where a [x software] use it" ?
(I tried X-Mouse Button Control but I didn't manage to do it :( )

How I can do that ?
Thank you

Did you set the toggle hotkey to F1 in CD and set middle button to simulate {F1} in xmousebut... and then also added firefox.exe to the exclusion list.
Should work ok :)

Thank you for your answer but I don't see how to emulate "F1" in X-Mouse ? (I'm using X-Mouse Button Control 1.44.0)

I can see a long list in X-Mouse but not a keyboard association :(

wait a minute I see "simulated Keyboard" ... I look at this and I come back ;)
Yes It is good, my association is {ALT}{SPACE}  and it working fine :)

Just shame we have to use X-Mouse for using CircleDock...

Anyway Thank you a lot  :Thmbsup:


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