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Circle Dock - customize the position?


I think it is the wrong place... sorry  :-[


I'm discovering your app. It is very great. I like it !

But, in the same way, I would like to customize the position. It is for me a very important point
Why ?
Because we have all our habit and we / I like to place precisely each icons, it is just primordial  ;D

If I would like to place an Excel icon beside a Word icon to make a "family", it would be a pain because everything around will be messed up :(
I would like to create "icons family" like browsers icons anywhere like this example :

Circle Dock - customize the position?

But If I move an icon, the change is fully weird in the circle :(

So if you could do a customization of all icons position, this app will be incredible :)

Thank a lot for your hard work, that's great

Just in case I missed something, is it possible to order icons exactly how we want ?


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