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What is Twitter: A Funny Sarcastic Cartoon

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Me too, never had that problem before.

youtube won't let me see the video - i'm in the wrong country apparently.
-nudone (March 23, 2009, 04:05 AM)
--- End quote ---
this link might work?

I was generally avoiding it - I mean even references to it
came across this intro somewhere (may have been somewhere here even) which helped me understand it - well, a little
Twitter is what you make it

I explain Twitter as SMS for computers.

I like Twitter because I can follow interesting people and celebs such as Darth Vader, Stephen Fry, and Christopher Walken. No spam. No ads. Not enough character rope to allow verbosity. And the tech people I follow can tip me toward stories I would never have thought to read because I don't have access to their knowledge, their inside contacts, etc.

If someone starts twittering about their breakfast, their medication, their cat phlegm, their anal temperature and crap, I just stop following them. No time for such nonsense. Thus the people I'm "following" are a small group, not minions.


I always wondered what happened to all those homeless people I used to see wandering around New York City - the ones that were always gesticulating and laughing and mumbling non sequiturs to invisible friends...

Now I know. :P


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