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PrintableCal Giveaway Plus 50% Discount on VueMinder


Hi, I'm Dan Chartrand from VueSoft, creator of VueMinder and PrintableCal. I'm doing a giveaway of PrintableCal Basic on Giveaway of the Day. The promotion date will be March 21 for anyone that is interested.

In addition, VueMinder Pro, VueMinder Ultimate, and PrintableCal Ultimate will be discounted 50% on March 21. I'll post the giveaway and discount links on that date.

PrintableCal is an add-in for Word and Excel. It can import and overlay calendars from many different sources, including VueMinder, Google Calendar, Outlook, Yahoo! Calendar, iCloud, etc. It includes over 40 calendar templates, all of which can be customized by the user. If you've ever been frustrated by the lack of printing options in your calendar of choice, PrintableCal bridges the gap.

The 50% discount link are provided below. These discounts will work on March 21 only. PrintableCal Basic will also be provided for free on March 21 through GOTD.

PrintableCal Ultimate (50% off)
PrintableCal Ultimate provides all the features of PrintableCal Basic, plus the ability to create and customize your own templates, import data from Outlook or Exchange Server, and overlay events from an unlimited number of data sources.

VueMinder Pro (50% off)
VueMinder Pro is a Windows calendar program that helps you organize your schedule with events, tasks, notes, and contacts. Data is color-coded and presented in a variety of attractive and customizable formats, including Day, Week, Month, Year, List, and Timeline views. VueMinder provides the ability to sync with Google Calendar, Outlook, and iCalendar (ics) files or URLs - enabling you to keep your Windows calendar in sync with any mobile device.

VueMinder Ultimate (50% off)
VueMinder Ultimate provides all the features of VueMinder Pro, plus the ability to share tasks, notes, and contacts over a local network. The Ultimate version can also sync with Microsoft Exchange (local or hosted) and supports custom data fields.

Thanks for posting, Dan  :up:

Indeed :Thmbsup:.


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