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Freeware Image Organizer (Especially Tags/Keywords)?

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Try XnView - very comprehensive (free and you can use it as portable app)
Uses the IPTC tags - and you can batch tag etc.

A very interesting approach to tagging images is employed by Viewer2.  I really like it.

Exactly unlike you, I am using FastStone and happy about it. But what I need is more editing that organizing/tagging. I second the PhotoMesa option. It's really something else! Really worth it.

A very interesting approach to tagging images is employed by Viewer2.  I really like it.
-JohnFredC (March 31, 2009, 03:10 PM)
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Ooh! Lightweight AND robust. That's rather alluring. Geez I love these buzzwords.

My favorite application for this has always been and still is Extensis Portfolio, but it is not free and it is rather high priced. (about $200 to buy/ $100 to upgrade)

But even my old v6 (I can't afford to upgrade) does all that you want, can handle a large quantity of photos, and reads the embedded data in photos and can build keyword lists based on that data, if it exists. (great if you are getting stuff from some of the stock photo sites)

It can handle a variety of image formats, including vectors. It is also not limited to images and can be used for video, audio, and other file formats.

It also can export galleries, to web pages w/thumbnails and for burning to CD/DVD (packs a database with thumbnails, copy of photos, and a freeware version of the portfolio browser application for burning & distribution of disks)

This is a real top quality professional product and something I was glad I splurged on all those years ago, back when I could afford it. Something I have never regretted buying.

screenshot of older v6:
Freeware Image Organizer (Especially Tags/Keywords)?


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