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Freeware Image Organizer (Especially Tags/Keywords)?

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I think Photofiltre will work for you and Paint.Net is worth a look.

I use Ifanview for a quick editor/viewer, and Photofiltre Studio ($ware) and PS for most of my work.

2 penny Ron
-OldElmerFudd (March 29, 2009, 01:33 PM)
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It occures to me there's another freeware you might be looking for; Amok Exif Sorter


If someone already mentioned ExifPro, I apologize - didn't see it after a quick scan of the posts so far.

ExifPro is pretty nice, though IIRC it also makes a copy of all your images in its own catalog. The viewer is great and it has a side-by-side view for comparison of images. It is a commercial product but you can use it free as long as you like. Only downside is you have to wait for the startup splash screen for 45 seconds. (You can remove the splash screen by purchasing.)


Amazing to me that no one has mentioned XnView!  It is free and very powerful/configurable.  Pierre (the developer) listens closely to user requests and bug reports.  Quite a refreshing and polite forum, as well. 

isnt xnview more of a viewer and not an organiser?

I would say ExifPro is great for looking at an image collection that isn't organised - it loads thumbnails very quickly and has a good viewer as Jim says
I discussed the matter of the IMHO way too limited tagging option with the programmer years ago. It's obviously not one of his top priorities.
Create several tag files, but not too many, don't get tempted to use tags as keywords. Use other software to add exif keywords instead.
-Maggy160 (January 15, 2008, 03:38 PM)
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I think the tagging in ExifPro is to help you select images for printing or moving etc (i.e. short term, limited)
I think (but not sure any more at this stage - haven't used it in over a year) that the cataloging ability is mainly to help thumbnails of images load quicker

Xnview offers database capabilities (Categories, Rating, Tags). The interface is good, it's fast and free. But you can't write database information to IPTC/EXIF, nevertheless an integrated editor for EXIF/IPTC exists und you may copy comments from database to embeded.

I took a look a this some time ago and finally bought Acdsee Pro because I wanted a full featured DB which writes it's information also to IPTC (or in XMP-Sidercars for files without IPTC).


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