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I tried Macro Express pro but prefer Vtask studio - however I now find I dont use either as Autohotkey does everthing I want and has more options/flexibility. IT's also free.
-delwoode (January 29, 2011, 07:15 AM)
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I tried a few small things with AHK, back when I had a job.  It was OK for text expansion, though I ended up going for dedicated software.  But, not being a coder, I found AHK hard to use for other things.  I usually wanted a fix now, without struggling with Help files and trying to code.  Macro Express has an excellent "learn by example" system.  I only tried the AHK script that tries to do that for AHK itself twice or so, and found it unreliable.  One of the scripts had to be only slightly edited, but the other was hopeless.  Macro Express was worth the price to save time in rush jobs.  For longer-term things where I had time to think about what I was doing, I mostly used PowerPro, which I was running anyway.

The macro recorder that comes with AutoHotkey is the worst on to use! really dont know why they haven't updated it - there are better ones made by users -you have to check the forums - I havent used them in a long time - I think one was calley Easy.ahk
If I had to go back to a macro maker I would use V.task studio

I believe the "learn by example" macro maker really comes from AutoIt, and maybe the two languages have diverged too much to make it really useful now?  If there are better ones, it's a shame they don't ship them as standard.

On the other hand, Macro Express seems to need more fuss and bother than it should.  I haven't found editing the macros afterwards especially easy, either, because the editor is so dense.


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