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DcUpdater v2 Preliminary Flirtations

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Just one sample display of some contents in the html details panel.
I'm using a template to display info, so we can easily customize the format of the info.
Note that you can click on any of those files (both remote and local) to view them.

Later we can add info for Latest Changes, author info, description, etc.

DcUpdater v2 Preliminary Flirtations

That looks useful!

I'm excited for DcU 2.0!

Thanks for the sample display!  I think it helps my feeble imagination.
* ewemoa hopes for checksums  ;)

does anyone have any ideas for a gui/workflow that would allow people to decide how to be handle the idea of having multiple releases of a program corresponding to stable/beta versions?  how to present the info to user? how to let user say which they want to be notified about, etc.


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