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Word 2007 AutoComplete add-in


Word used to have an autocomplete feature but not anymore... Could someone write an add-in for Word 2007 that would do that? It would just look at words you type often and make them appear in gray a after the user types in a few letters (text would be entered by typing "enter" or "tab" or something).

Try looking at the Quick Parts facility of Word 2007 (on the Insert tab).  Highlight the text you want to use for an Autocomplete and click on the QuickParts button, then click Save Selection to Quick Parts Gallery at the bottom of the menu.  Next time you want the text just start typing, then press F3 button for it to be inserted.

Thanks kip. However, I don't see the functionality described very useful. Autocomplete (with tab, like in text editors) would be.

Don't shoot me I'm only the messenger  :-[

Blame MS for the way they wrote Office2007, there are some good bits and some really bad bits about it, especially for someone in my line of work - namely accessibility


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