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Rambooster. Junk?

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There are some use cases that could benefit from the use of a RAM disk. But those hardly apply to the most common uses of computers. As mwb1100 already stated: practically all software applications with RAM in their name should be avoided. The moment you really do have a need for software applications regarding RAM, that will feel almost like a moment of clarity. Until then, just don't. 

Yes if it's more RAM you need you best just go and buy extra. Windows 7 and higher are built to manage your memory, swap out things and cache where appropriate. What you do by using a ram booster or any program that tries to manage memory is to compete with Windows built in systems which results in degraded perfomance such as extra swapping and suboptimal caches.

The reasons for a typical user to look into something like RAM booster (slow machine, stuttering, slow loading of programs or whatever) will almost always have other causes such as viruses / spyware, multiple anti virus scanners competing for resources, hardware problems, overheating etc.

I uninstalled Advance System Optimizer 3 from my old Win XP alternate OS that I keep on an old HD for older apps, and which the ASO3 was managing the ram. The OS got sluggish and crashy after I uninstalled ASO3 for some reason, so I dragged out an ancient copy of RamBooster from an old A: drive disk and installed it and Win XP seems quite a bit happier now.


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