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Browser script error?

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With the latest update I am getting browser script error inside Farr whenever I try to use one of the aliases that opens a website in Farr. Is there any change as far as script security settings of the internal browser goes?

yes, i enabled this and didn't test it enough i guess. i can disable them again if they are purely of an annoying flavor.

I guess that would be great Mouser :)

mouser: perhaps you haven't heard of it, but in the end it's time saving: Write tests! Functions that call other functions, classes etc. and expect a certain result. After each build all tests should be run, all successful of course  8)
Some people go so far(r) to write the tests before they've implemented the function to test.

On a side note, does anyone know of good solutions for creating automated tests for GUI apps?  Preferably free ;)


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