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Very cool ... I also was recently searching for a portable capture tool to run on a corporate Domain computer and it did not occur to me that SC was already a Portable App that could be installed/run from a USB flash drive and therefore not requiring Administrator privilege on the computer.

Perhaps SC should be actively promoted on the Portable App sites?

Thanks ... Charles

How do you extract the ScreenshotCaptorSetup.exe file without installing? Use a product like 7-zip?

right, any zip extractor should work (7-zip, winzip, winrar, etc.)

If you have 7zip in your context menu just rick click the exe file and extract, if portable, open 7zip find the exe, and extract.

Any zip extractor will work :Thmbsup:

Just make sure to make the necessary ini changes listed below.

Works like a champ and impressed the heck out of a potential client that may wish to have training books made, and a presentation created. Since taking my laptop to this most recent interview was out of the questions, I took SC on the OCZ Diesel, and captured a handful of screens from the interviewers computer(concerning their programs), and added some "SC" WOW, and bingo, I think I have a new contract. Will know better in a couple of weeks, and if I can get the doctor to quit putting off my knee surgery.

Perhaps SC should be actively promoted on the Portable App sites?
-cvbusa (March 29, 2009, 07:34 AM)
--- End quote ---

I am in agreeance of this, or at least a note in the product download, or possibly a forum to address what is and is not able to be portable, concerning all software available here at DC.
The forums would also address what needs to be done to make the software portable, and any issues that may arise, to correct any portable limitations of the software as portable.

We list these software packages as portable, but I am really just and old unix/linux user that has fallen in love with the self-contained App., and the self contained app allows me to change my portable apps as needs, plus the un-install is as simple as deleting the containing folder.

minus some app folder data serches to ensure the program and all related attachments are gone.


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