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Hello Mouser.

I have found a couple of other sites to download a portable version of Screenshot Captor, but I wanted to know from you their legitimacy?

Is there a version of Screenshot captor that is portable, or is there a version of this application that i sportable directly through your self?

Lightscreen is leaving me PO'ed, but I find I enjoy utilizing Screenshot Captor

Thanks in advance.

PS. I have not heard from VIP as of yet. Still trying though

all of my applications are portable, the setup.exe file is actually a self-extracting zip file, that can be extracted manually into any directory or usb drive, and will work fine without any installation.

Check the ConfigDir.ini file to see how to configure the directory that settings are saved in.
That file also shows you that to set portable mode so that even license key is saved locally, uncomment the line:

You may delete ScreenshotCaptorInstall.exe setup file and any of the Clipart and Frames you do not want as well.

Too cool :Thmbsup:

To both of you;


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