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The Bat: Great program, terrible documentation and support

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What about the latest emails that were perhaps permanently lost by GMail?  :o
I've been backing up mine to another email account since the beginning but it's not the same thing as having them in my regular GMail account.
With Thunderbird (never liked the Bat, especially for lack of support) i suppose you can bring them all back (if your backup account allows free access, in my case Yahoo). Thus, it is still a handy option to upkeep.

I keep a local backup using one of the many Gmail backup options (all 3rd party admittedly). You can easily restore them with e.g. or through IMAP. I certainly wouldn't be doing all my email through Gmail if there were no proper backup/restore option. What is available currently works for me.

- Oshyan

I totally understand where you're all coming from. What I love about Gmail is... it stopped me really caring about filtering, for the most part.-JavaJones (March 05, 2011, 02:13 AM)
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I find this to be true of Outlook 2010/Windows 7 Search as well. Flitering/applying rules to/organizing my e-mail is habit for me, though.

Same here. :)

Edit: I say this about The Bat as a purchaser and former user of it who successfully converted to Gmail and hasn't looked back. I thought I needed massive power and flexibility too. Turned out all I needed was to find the right system that worked for me, despite its many limitations (and yes there are things I miss in Gmail or that bug me, but less than The Bat by far; I find GMail at least a pleasure to use on a day-to-day basis). In a way I kind of found my own Apple-style app in Gmail, with a focus in fast, easy to use, intuitive, but with fewer compromises and more creativity (e.g. labels, labs).
-JavaJones (February 26, 2011, 01:29 AM)
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I think that is a very precise description of my experience with switching to Thunderbird as well, and a point about what is "wrong" with The Bat.

In the beginning I was annoyed by all the stuff I didn't get, like the advanced filtering, and all the plugins I had to get to get it to do stuff that in my view should be included.

But after a few months I must admit what I do most is read my e-mail and search for old correspondences, and in that department Thunderbird (and GMail) are way ahead.


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